Who is Mama G?

in short, im a young adult living in a downtown city. i grew obsessed with personal development early on and found that what fulfilled me most in life was sharing insight through my personal experiences. and especially making people smile. if there’s any chance i can have you crack a toothy smile, blow air out of your nose, or think a little deeper about something then i consider my service served. that’s what gets my maracas shakin.

now, ive often scavenged the internet hoping to find a place that will tell me a story, or teach me something that i didn’t think i needed to know.. but have fallen short everytime.

there’s too much fake out there. it’s grown almost impossible for social media to remain an authentic space.

then, i realized, if the thing doesn’t exist, why not make it yourself?

thus, twentyandthree is home…

  • to stories told by friends who make you feel like you were actually there, laughing, crying, feeling the same way they did.
  • to the big sister energy that you needed.
  • to a safe space that isn’t filled with all the smoke and mirrors of the contrived.
  • to being real about who we are and what we’re experiencing.
  • to self-love.

i hope navigating this space makes you feel better than you did when you first arrived. i hope you can find a piece of yourself in the stories we share.. and maybe, we can encourage you to live and tell yours.

enjoy, my loaves.

because i certainly do creating this.

what do you think?