about momaji

Hello. I’m Gian (pronounced like golly jee, Anne). But my favourite noise made to identify and summon me is Momaji (Momma G).

There is definitely no shortage of self-help bibles, podcasts and preachers out here in the world wide web, and I guess I’m here to make no exception. I’ve seen some shit, as everyone’s right of passage into humanity. But my grand approach to life, and this intrepid sense of wonder to the human psyche has given me the drive to commentate and document my life experiences. To give light in a way that will hopefully inspire you to think, smile or perhaps shift something in your life that you’ve been meaning to change (but were probably too busy with the overwhelming weight of making excuses to do anything about). I recount my tales with fables, like Jesus (if he had a phase of promiscuity). Take my words with grains of salt. Learn something new. Judge me. Whatever helps you live your best life, because I’m just here to help you help yourself.

There are absolutely no limitations in this world other than what we create and allow to obstruct us. We have been taught to live in constant pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t take the mundanity of materialism, of appearances or of status to reach your nirvana. It’s much simpler than that. Listen and learn. Make mistakes. Take risks. Understand your truths. Express them. Be kind (to yourself). Soon, you will realize that the path you walk is already happiness in itself.


what do you think?