auf wiedersehen shitty friends!!!

Do your friends flake on your last minute? Do they ever prioritize you? Or just hit you up when they need something? Are they genuinely supportive? Or pessimistic as heck?

If any of this is true for anybody in your life, it’s time for a life cleanse. Goodbye ya fucking Dyson’s (vacuums cause they suck).

Here’s a little analogy I put together (whilst thinking really hard on a bus). You are a farmer. All your friends are farmers. We all grow a certain type of vegetation and look to share them in equal parts with our farmer friends. Now, think of your crop as your personality, your energy, your time and your loyalty. You look to acquire the same amount from your friends. They offer their crop. You consume it. And thus, you build up your farmer body strength, energy as well as your actually mental wellbeing. Now, lets say one of your little farmer friends grows the shittiest corn around, yet, you’ve been sharing your bomb ass potatoes for years. You’re wasting your time offering them a part of your crop (a part of you). Whereas, all they give in return is shit. Now, by continuing to accept the shit that is their tiny dry ass corn, your energy is depleting. The influence of their crop is now reflecting upon your own. You’re both left with shitty crops and a lethargic attitude. But if you hop over to Rondell’s neck of the land, she’s got BEANS, GREENS, (you already have potatoes), TOMATOES, CHICKEN, TURKEY AND LAMB. She’s offering this feast, that ends up reflecting upon your own crop and soon enough you’re a better farmer for it. What in tarnations were you doing f*cking with Brenda? She was never good to you. She used you. You’re on to bigger and better things now. Thankfully, you’ve seen the light. It’s time to find yourself some better farmers.

It’s never easy letting go of the Brendas in your life. Especially the ones you’ve either grown up with or known for a very long time. Right now, you don’t necessarily have to drop them, but diminish the time spent with them. By shortening the time spent together, you’re slowly fading away from them like the lights at a start of a movie, you don’t really notice it. This can take a fair amount of time to successfully accomplish because it’s difficult finding some solid friends. It’s usually when you’re forced into a situation with someone that a mutual bond can form. At school or at work, you’ve got scheduled time to be with them, forcing you guys to stay together and get to know one another. Nowadays, it’s much more difficult to hit someone up to chill consistently. So go out and find new hobbies. Join a club or community team. Go on vacation and make some pen pals. Or if you’re the ultimate loner, look online for positive influence. You want to expand your sense of humour, watch a ton of Bo Burnham or some Eric Andre. You’d like a better vocabulary? Read some books. There’s always a way. You just need to take the chance to explore.

What’s stopping you?

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