fuck nostalgia, your life is still happening

“Don’t be sad that it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

Actually take that in. Ignore how cliche it sounds.

It’s true. Don’t be sad that’s over. There’s nothing that’s stopping you from living a moment like that (or ever better) again. Be joyful that it even happened.

I am the worst person when it comes to nostalgia. I run past a phenomenal moment, an amazing night and a lovely memory thinking about when I can do it again, constantly chasing the next good time. But there’s no reason to over analyze shit that’s already happened. I personally don’t find it very healthy to replay memories over and over in your mind because you end up sensationalizing specific points that may not have even happened. It’s loads better to live in that fucking moment, to be with your friends, appreciate your age and have those stories be recounted when you’re reminded of them in a round of story times. Seriously, there is no reason to dwell on the past. Especially when nostalgia can make you feel so bummy.

I just had an amazing weekend with a bunch of stranger turned friends from Montreal. I never expected that to happen but it did. I tend to always be the youngest in a group, thus the most inexperienced. So, I live through the stories they’ve experienced and I’m panged with this tiny sense of envy, this emptiness that I haven’t done anything with my life. I’m left with no room to appreciate the fact that I’m with them right now. But who the frick cares. Thailand will always be there, Barcelona will always be there, the City and the nights to explore will never go away, but you will, one day. Maybe that’s why I possess this sense of urgency. Age seems to play out like a time line. You have to do all these things now because you have to get married in 5-10 years and have babies 2 years into the marriage you’ve yet to have with a person you probably haven’t even met yet. But truly, everybody goes through the motions differently. We have more time than we’re lead to believe. Pace yourself. Everything will run it’s course if you’re on the right path.

Overthinking is the monster within us all. You listen to music in the car, on the bus or before bed and suddenly your minds running a million miles a second. There’s no sense in this… but, I have a solution for you folks… PODCASTS. Listen to a Podcast and suddenly this friendly stranger is telling you all about the marvels of life or how the economy’s going and you feel like you’ve just spent an hour talking. Listening is also a skill you should master. Take each moment as it comes. Don’t leave an experience lined up in a queue, reserved for your next moment of solitude. There is no sense lingering in the past.

This is now. Fuck before, fuck later.

Also listen to podcasts.

what do you think?