hey mom and dad thanks for smashing pissers and giving me life

I believe in a spiritual guide. An entity that grands me good will and leads my way through life. I’ve thought about the fact that I might die soon. (If it happens my last words will probably be: “hide my dildo.”) But something instantaneously calmed me down, letting me know I’ll be fine.

Death sucks. For someone who wants to fulfill the most basic goals of life.. if i were deprived of it all now.. I’d be sorta mad (or nothing at all). But it happens. People die young. We can’t fathom absence. We plan a future and forget that we may not even live to see it.

Life is just survival, reproduction and for most.. making money. A lot of us never take a minute to appreciate the space in between all of those things. We’re so caught up in being perfect that we pay little attention to the things that actually matter.

“Thank you for giving me this life”. Have you told your parents that lately? Even if you did, you should do it again.

I’m sure you’ve heard of people your age who have passed away. Maybe even someone you know. Now, how did you feel when you heard that happened?

…what made you forget that feeling? What made you lose sight of your respect for life? A person or work or school or a thing to buy? What’s distracting you?

Bring back that pain. Bring back that fear of uncertainty. Bring back your awareness of life. Take a minute to yourself. Be mindful of death. Embrace it.

“When mortals are alive, they worry about death. When they are full, they worry about hunger. Theirs is the Great Uncertainty…”

– Bodidharma

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