how to enjoy being single

The act of falling in love is fairly easy. You find a person you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with, you have babies or you don’t and everything from there is pretty much decided. It differs from person to person. But when you grow up sheltered from the possibility of a wild as-seen-on-TV life, this can’t be the ONLY way to live the rest of it.

Now, if you’re an extravert and not typically found behind a book or solo Netflix and chilling on the weekends, then I suggest the only type of early settlement you should be hearing about is in the history books. To continue, a big factor of failed relationships is FOMO… or just MO in general. Missing out on experiencing other people, other places or other things. You basically need to get sick of that lifestyle to settle. So, through an extremists perspective, you need to live a life before you settle on juan (double entendre, especially if you have a preference for latinos).

Experience new environments. Travel.

Take yourself on a date. Movie nights. Cafe day brunch. Coffees. People watching and midsummer picnics. Go on a road trip. Join a tour group. Throw a dart at a map and go there. Make a bucket list. Fulfill it. Memories and stories over clothing any day of the week. Go in with no expectations and leave with memories, it’ll make every hour of labour and planning worth it.

Fall in love with yourself.

Experience yourself in ways you haven’t before. Block off time for self-care hours and self-love days. Acknowledge where you expel most of your energy, and make every choice in tandem with your own happiness. Will future you appreciate the actions of present you?

Make Your Friends Your Significant Other

Being in a relationship is like a glorified best friend with benefits and labels (and love). You can find a lot of fulfillment in your relationship with friends. Go out with them, have lunch dates and experience your innate human desire for connection.

Fill Your Time with Fulfilling Experiences

Are you just bored? Are you using a relationship as an excuse to put everything else on the backburner? Being in a relationship is quite time consuming. Relish in the free time you have now. Get a hobby, start a business, read a book, learn something new.

Not finding peace in your own solidarity seems like a sign. If you loathe being alone, trying to fill the void with another human being is like putting a bandaid on an open wound. Most, if not all (non tinder) relationships, happen when two people least expect it. If you want a relationship so badly, ask yourself why? Then go fuck yourself (and by fuck yourself, I mean masturbate and love yourself ☺☺☺).

what do you think?