law of attraction | manifesting the best experiences

how to manifest the greatest experiences of your life

All too often, we hear of people complaining about their poor life circumstances. A stub of the toe can lead into a succession of other seemingly horrible events. Missing the bus, losing your phone, forgetting your shit or sleeping through your alarm are one of many ways we fall into the trap of absorbing ‘negativity’. Then, when a poor unsuspecting victim asks you a question, they’re suddenly the most irritating thing to you. And, without you even realizing it, you’re diverting that energy onto them.

For some, the mantra becomes; why am I so unlucky? Why do bad things always happen to me? I often question with friends:

Do bad things happen to negative people because they notice it more often? Or are they attracting it into their life?

It’s both. The snake eating its own tail. Your negativity will attract more ‘negativity’. So, someone noticing all of this negativity will breed more of it.

The greatest experiences of my life came to me unexpectedly. That’s how the magic works. If we pray for something to come, and we believe it will actually happen, it usually does when we forget about it. These are the fundamentals of the law of attraction.

the best friend i made in my early 20s through a series of unexpected events laughing while the sun rises in deep playa at burning man. a place i’ve dreamed of going to. but i was too stuck in my old belief system of having no friends and no money to do so.

looks like i got over it 😉

1. Don’t expect them to happen.

The law of attraction has been my greatest tool. The trick is to link both mental belief with physical belief. If you repeat the same affirmation in your head over and over again, it won’t make any sense if you feel any doubt about it. Worrying will never help you. So, let go of worst case scenarios, and adopt a positive forward thinking mindset. The opposite of Murphy’s law, where everything good WILL FRICKEN HAPPEN.

2. Build yourself up first.

The fear of missing out was one of my most constant ‘negative’ emotions. It was physically impossible for me to pay attention during a conversation if I overheard my friends giggling around the corner. I wanted to be a part of the fun 99% of the time. Thus, if you can’t dissipate the notion that the fun is elsewhere, that you need to be looking for the fun, then you will never be able to be content with your current reality. Do you realize that this moment right here is all you have? Don’t look at what other people are doing. You’re not living their life. And they’re not living yours.

me, in close proximity with friends i had only known for a week. which did not at all reflect the friendship we collectively shared.

3. Start to find the joy in every experience.

Creativity comes from a peaceful mind. I think shower ideas happen because we’re not pressured to do some crazy shit like formulate a vaccination for COVID-19 (I’m in quarantine, I hope this reference doesn’t hold up for future readers because of an actual vaccine). Once you realize how enjoyable you can make seemingly mundane tasks, you start to feel more present. Stop projecting yourself into the next step, and the next step, and the next step. Live like all we have is right now. Find immense joy in the little things that give you pleasure. Like, watching the brush strokes of acrylic paint on canvas, or the satisfying crunch of a meal you took the time to prepare, or beholding the congregation of snacks you’re about to shove into your face before watching a movie. Life is FILLED with beautiful moments like these. If you’re always thinking about the next step, you’ll never be able to appreciate them.

Here’s a tip. Don’t put on a TV show or other incredibly distracting things whilst you’re about to do something that requires your full attention. Like cooking. Once I did this, (only playing music) I started to actually enjoy taking my time chopping, washing and cooking. There was no rush.

Now, once this happens, you’ll end up accidentally practising mindfulness. Which is (in my opinion) another form of meditation. Then boom, you’re in the moment. You end up feeling so present that you don’t even care about trying to manifest beautiful moments. Then seemingly, by accident, they just happen.

4. Take the initiative to make them happen yourself.

hitchhiking to the beach in Costa Rica (something i never even thought of doing until i met friends who did). i was praying we could be flying in the back of a truck so i can feel the wind in my hair. my friend wanted a car. we ended up riding in the back of a car transporter truck. so i guess we got everything we asked for.

Where is your inner child? Have you played with them lately? Have you cried with them recently? Have they been trying to tell you something but you’re too afraid to listen?

Once you deal with your relationship with yourself, then that childlike freedom, the spontaneity, it comes to you effortlessly. You’ll let go of this idea of needing to impress, fearing other peoples judgement.. because kids don’t give a fuck. They live for the moment. This sense of creativity will spark a movement within you, to take another route, to stick around at a venue a little longer or go to a specific place (this is literally what happened to me when I met a couple of big DJs at a bar in Downtown Toronto directly after attending their concert, a story for another time). Intuition will become your best friend. But intuition happens naturally when you invite it in without force.

If we continue to live in the past or project every step into the future, we will never be able to manifest the experiences that define our lives. These experiences spring on emotions that move us, motivate us, and uplift us. If I can inspire you to take the long route, or hit up an old friend, or take the risk just for the story, I implore you to just fucking do it. But remember, life is not always filled with glitter. Love the little moments just as much as the big ones.

what do you think?