It’s all just a matter of time.

*A personal excerpt with blits and blops about knowing yourself.

I’ve come to realize that everything I want in life can and will happen in only a matter of time. It really requires patience and understanding to reach certain points in your life. I longed for genuine friends, a better relationship with myself, the empathy and compassion to communicate with others (much like the Dalai Llama) and now, I wish to garner this security within myself, to one day, be involved in a healthy genuine relationship and to be more in tune with my spontaneity, innocence and sense of humour. I want to flourish and glow without trying.. Much like Jessie J does in this video:


But through my life experiences and the piles of self-help books (that are digital tbh, because convenience and save the trees, my dude!!!), I’ve learned that you can’t force yourself to do anything. You can’t force the current to run a certain way, you just have to learn to flow with the water. Especially when it comes to your consciousness. So many of us go through some fucked up situations as children. We become programmed to specific thought processes and values, yet as soon as we’ve realized our full independence, it’s up to us to unlearn certain behaviours.. and to understand who we are in ourselves.

The moment I was enlightened and the moment I fully became conscious through meeting myself (and truly seeing myself as an actual person beyond my thoughts and my physicality), my life changed for the better. My mentality changed drastically. As I progress forth in my life, learning everyday to better myself, I understand that the values I hope to learn and act upon like muscle memory will happen eventually.. It’s all just a matter of time. We have the rest of our lives to live, what’s the rush?


  1. Jenny in Neverland

    This was an amazing read and well done for saving the trees but libraries are definitely another option, as they help the community too if that’s possible! I totally agree that you can’t force things sometimes. You can work hard and hope but if something isn’t happening, it isn’t happening and we have to roll with the tide xxx


    1. G

      Ah you’re definitely right.. great way to save money as well. But exactly! Life can’t be forced🖤


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