shifting your life: from a victim to a victor

Almost everybody complains about their ‘stupid’ jobs, their ‘shitty’ friends, an ‘unhealthy’ appearance, accumulating debt from an education they weren’t even sure about pursuing in the first place or the fact that they have no idea what they’re doing with their lives. The pillars of your life are structured upon your decisions. Play it safe and the rest of your life will remain that way. Take some risks and you’ll see some terrible or amazing things.

We’re constantly met with revelations. Yet, every terrible situation encountered should be more of a stepping stone into achieving what we want from life. Every time I struggle with my job, I’m being pushed into getting a new one. Every time I see a peer doing or creating something amazing, I’m being pushed into getting money for better equipment (not even creating my own something amazing). Every time I see a beautiful person out and about or on social media, I’m silently uncovering their flaws to make myself feel better.

What beautifully healthy thinking I have!! What genuine values!! But really, it’s just.. excuse after excuse. I know full well there’s more out there for us. Hate your job? Apply and work until you get better one. Can’t get a new job? Make one.

Stop hating. Stop shitting on appearances or hobbies or opinions. And stop letting it affect your life. It’s not that hard to detract from the negativity. That’s a decision you choose yourself. I find that the most judgemental people are the most self conscious. Anybody will find a way to point out a flaw. Everybody in the world won’t share the same opinions. With that, if you get shit on, keep going. Why would you live to appease someone else’s standards? And if you end up achieving them, why would you want someone like that in your life?

You feel the envy? Creeping it’s way into you? Telling you you’ll never complete whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do? Well.. that right there is your drive. Why are you mad about someone else doing something you like? Is it because you think you can do better? Well then, fucking do better. Get out there. Don’t pull up some bullshit excuse about needing the latest equipment to do so. Go. Work on what you love

“I have no apprehension in my peers having success. It doesn’t make me any less talented.”

It seems that money has become the goal for a lot of people. I, myself, admit to wanting to make youtube videos for the money. But it took me time to understand how transparent, insincerity and empty it was for my life’s purpose to be based upon that. Appreciating what we already have can take us so far. It’s as simple as that to make peace with our situation. Life always work out in the end. Be patient and unapologetically pursue your passion(s).

What’s stopping you?

what do you think?