money isn’t everything, stop stressing about it

Could you imagine a life where you had nothing to work for? Where everything you could ever want was already in your possession? Where there was never an end goal? No risks. No reward. Only monotonous repetition.

I’m steps shy away from a day of stress and anxiety. The negative numbers glare back at me as I stare back in submission. “You owe me.”  “You need to get your shit together.” Yet, it’s the bittersweet satisfaction of swiping those plastic cards that make me feel as if anything (within reason) is within arms reach. Nonetheless, this goes beyond paying for protein bars and tandoori butter chicken (with naan!!!). It’s the cost of major life events that are seen as rites of passage into adulthood.

  • moving out (first and last)
  • getting your driver’s license (driving school)
  • getting a car (a car)
  • looking good (to feel good) like.. all the time (clothes, make up, hair)

Beyond all these major events, I still have a social life, education, food, shelter and clothing. Even still, no matter how much I have, I never feel like it’s enough.

“I can balance 2 jobs and a social life! No problem!”

the life tri

Well. Put simply, this is the triangle of young adulthood.

Choose two.

You can push all you want, but one can only be stretched so far and so thin. Pace yourself while you’re still young. Understand that the decisions you make and the care you take upon yourself will reflect your future self. There is so much time to do and receive what you want.

Why do we need money to feel good when we already have enough to eat/wear/do? Have you ever basked in the weightlessness of less (or even no) responsibility? Is it worth working another job as opposed to enjoying that extra freedom? When you’re careless, debt is a silent killer. You’ll never notice until you’re fucked.

How long does the high of materialism last? Do you still revel in glory about your cell phone all this time later? Nah. You probably want a new one. Well, I’ve spent my money on travels and late nights with friends. But it was all borrowed time, because my credit card granted me that freedom. Nevertheless, the time is now… to be responsible and earn what past me borrowed so carelessly. Even though I would never give back any of those experiences, I’ve made a promise to myself that I will never take or spend what hasn’t been earned first.

There’s much more satisfaction looking at a savings account that can be put towards investments, travel, a house or a car as opposed to a closet full of clothes you probably won’t even wear anymore. Materialism in moderation. There’s a balance for everything. However, that yearning for more when we clearly have enough is what will drive us into the ground. What happens when we reach that point of (financial) success? What will we look forward to when we have everything?

Save your money. Bring a lunch. Pre-drink. Have a picnic instead. Use coconut oil. Use vaseline. Buy from a thrift shop. Borrow it from a friend. Stick to generic. Make it yourself. Work more hours. Take that shift. Stay in the night. Get it at the dollar store. You can live without it.

There’s always a way. Live a wholesome and moderately frugal lifestyle. Make use of everything you have before you buy something new. Earn what you want in life, you’ll appreciate it harder. Make it your conscience effort to live a life free from material toxicity. Realize that owning everything isn’t everything.


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