a guide to dealing with finance anxiety

Could you imagine a life where you had nothing to work for? Where everything you could ever want was already in your possession? Where there was never an end goal? No risks. No reward. Only monotonous repetition.

I feel the pressure of stress building like a tidal wave, gathering within me. The negative numbers glare back at me as I stare back in submission. “You owe me.”  “You need to get your shit together.” But how can I resist the bittersweet swipe of those plastic cards, giving me purchasing power, feeling like the material world is within arms reach. But beyond the little perks, the major costs start to build up with this idea in your head that you don’t have enough.

The Cycle of Young Adulthoodthe life tri

Choose two.

You need balance. You can push yourself all you want, but don’t be surprised when you snap. Pace yourself while you’re still young. Understand that the decisions you make and the care you take upon yourself will reflect your future self. There is so much time to do and receive what you want.

You Already Have All That You Need

Why do we need money to feel good when we already have enough? Have you ever basked in the weightlessness of less (or even no) responsibility? Is it worth working another job as opposed to enjoying that extra freedom? When you’re careless, debt is a silent killer. You don’t notice anythings wrong, until everything seems wrong.

Surpassing the High of Materialism

How long does the high of materialism last? Do you still revel in glory about your cell phone all this time later? Nah. You probably want a new one. I’ve spent my money on travels and late nights with friends. But it was all borrowed time, because my credit card granted me that freedom. But those were experiences I was so grateful for. Something I can only look back in high spirits, instead of gawking at it’s tattered state, in remorse for spending my hard earned money on it.

Materialism in moderation. There’s a balance for everything. However, that yearning for more when we clearly have enough is what will drive us into the ground. What happens when we reach that point of (financial) success? What will we look forward to when we have everything?

Track Your Spending. Budget.

I highly recommend downloading a budgeting app like Mint. to keep your spending habits in check. Mint allows you track and stay on top of your earnings and expenses. What better way to stay on track, unfazed, then to be in constant awareness of your habits and limitations.

Change Your Income

Man, sometimes your spending habits are quite reasonable. You may just not be earning the income you deserve. Everything I’ve spent my money on, has been earned back. It has always worked out. I’m happy and no longer hapless about living with the little luxuries that make my life easier. I indulge in organic health stores because I know my body deserves it. I was so stressed about my spending habits, until I realized just how reasonable they were. So, I quit my job, because my time and energy is worth so much more than minimum wage. Now I’m pursuing jobs that make me happy, and I’m living with gratitude in my many comforts.

Money Saving Tips

Look at your bank statements. Review where you’ve been spending most of you cash. Were those purchases worth it? Could you be directing your income in more beneficial ways? If you feel like you can be saving more, here are some useful tips that have saved my college ass.

  • Bring a lunch.
  • Pre-drink.
  • Have a picnic instead.
  • Use coconut oil.
  • Buy from a thrift shop.
  • Borrow it from a friend.
  • Stick to generic.
  • Make it yourself.
  • Stay in the night.
  • You can live without it.

There’s always a way. Make use of everything you have before you buy something new. Earn what you want in life, you’ll appreciate it more. Make a conscience effort not to overindulge in materialism, buying everything your mind impulsively desires. Realize that owning everything isn’t everything.


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