if we were sharks, do you think we’d dream about walking on land?

*There is desire in comparison. If you continue to dream and fantasize through mental movies, there will always be this insatiable desire for more.

I’m sure if we were fish, we wouldn’t think at all. We would just be in the moment. The pure freedom in swimming and seeing sights mankind has only ever recently achieved. But, we compare ourselves to the fraction of those living a different lifestyle and assume we’ve got it bad.

As much as negativity can be found in everything, the same magnitude of gratitude can be uncovered as well. The homeless man can be thankful to survive another day. The addict can be thankful for their access to drinking water and the prisoner can be thankful for their good health. It’s through wanting more that we get jaded by our insufficiencies.

We dream of flying away and exploring the world, of seeing something different and extraordinary, of being in love and having cutesy moments with hot people. But why does that shit really matter? Are we so discontent with what we have that we want more? And if that’s the case, what made you believe that to be true? Again, life is all about perspective. How different would our lives be if we all remained present. To enjoy life as it comes. Not having to do this as a means to an end. Working because we actually love what we do or spending time like nothing exists beyond this moment. There really is no past. There really is no future. We made it all up.

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How little do people know.. that this is possible. That this mindset is achievable. That no matter what could be happening in the world, you can be at peace with yourself. Getting there is pretty simple but slightly hard to carry through. It’s just a matter of time. But it get’s easier each and every time.

  • Turn dreaming into doing.
  • Turn comparing into appreciating.
  • Turn judgement into awareness.
  • Turn hatred into understanding.
  • Turn secrecy into honesty.
  • Turn overthinking into staying present.
  • Turn solitude into meditation.
  • Turn scrolling into reading.

Practise makes better. Master your life and it will change for the better. I mean, what else are you going to do with your life? Overthink prolly. Just do it, man. Do it for you.

what do you think?