why do we feel so lost in life?

What do you want from your life?

What is your end goal?

There’s a certain respect to hold for those who are successful in whatever passion they’ve stuck with. An author celebrating their first book publishing, a business owner ordained into the Fortune 500 list or the Mom of 5 college graduated kids. Success is subjective.

Are you doing whatever it is that you are doing for the money? Are you chasing that feeling of fame and the flooding notifications? Are you trying to 1-up someone you envy? Are you trying to prove someone wrong?

We often fantasize about a life we desire, looking upon certain luxuries with a gleam in our eyes because they seem to make the people who have them happy. We compare ourselves with people who have these things and question our own self-worth. We disregard our achievements because we feel like we could be doing better. But what if we had all the money in the world? What if  we realized that the intensity of our desires to overcome someone, is just a reflection of your own internal conflict?

What are you doing with your life? What are you chasing? Because if its for the money, or the fame, or the envy you want to instill in others, then achieving your ego driven goals will be just as fleeting as your far fetched dreams.

Empty. Unfulfilling. Insatiable.

One will never be enough. You’ll keep going and going and going, until your brain hurts and you become so done with it that you’ll be just as lost as you were in the beginning. But it was easier back then, when your ego gave you the illusion of a goal.

What’s so wrong about being lost?

Being lost is so much better then being stuck. Being lost is liberation. Being lost means room to grow, to discover, to explore. Do you even realize? ..this is the fun part. Try everything under the sun. Try teaching. Try yoga. Try making music. Try singing. Try dancing. Try shooting. Try drawing. Try painting. Try cooking. Try rock climbing. Try surfing. Try learning.

The end goal is never really the end. Trust the process. Fall in love with it, so you won’t mind letting it consume you.

what do you think?