what gives your life purpose?

*why are you alive?

What gives your life purpose? We give and create to receive this feeling. Fulfillment is one of life’s greatest endeavours.

The world requires innovation. Everything holds a purpose. If we sat around doing absolutely nothing (especially to distract ourselves), alone with our thoughts, it’s only a matter of time before we’d go crazy.

I was told about the human instinct to contribute to your community. It’s like being a knitter in a town that lacks knit garments. You do something you love while providing for people’s needs. People love your shit and you love the shit you shit. You look forward to work and feel this motivation and fulfillment to continue. Boom. People need you. Your sense of belonging and inclusivity is solidified. You feel more secure than ever.

In contrast, if you were exiled from society, you’d be alone… and probably dead. Truly.. picture yourself alone with no help from anybody. No human contact, no division of labour, no help or hope. Do you think you could survive?

Without this incessant need to contribute, the world would never change.

Nowadays, money means life. It means education, security, food on the table, happiness and fulfillment. Right? There’s this ideology that money is everything. The way of life and our motivation. Now, the mark of fulfillment is no longer doing something you enjoy but a number in your bank account. And the things that drive us forward are essentially numbers that we’ll never truly be happy about.

We all just want to feel like we’re doing something important, something rewarding.

That’s why some people are so eager to volunteer in Third World countries, donate to charity or feed the homeless. Laborious effort is doing something.

Especially for those that feel this pull towards being a parent. Raising the next generation feels like their calling. (Which may be a contributing factor to empty nest syndrome).

Now, when you’re on your ass, feeling mildly intense anxiety about life, watching your 5th vine compilation in a row, maybe it’s this lack of contribution or these constant comparisons that create this looming effect of conscious guilt.

It’s one thing to become a doctor for the pay and another to want to help people. Will this fulfill you now? Or forever?

Try new shit. Try shit that scares you. Get out of your comfort zone. Make it awkward. Get uncomfortable. Embarrass yourself. If you experience even just an inkling of interest towards something, explore it. Money is insatiable. You’ll always want more. It can sustain you physically. But what will drive you mentally? Nobody, no friend, child, family, teacher, lover, parent or boss will ever give you what you want. Look internally because approval and money will never be enough.



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