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*The story of what lead me to me. When I discovered the clarity and acknowledgement of forces beyond my nature, that life is life. Outside of my own head, there are matters beyond my control. Matters that I have finally accepted with non-judgemental awareness and gratitude. Matters that go beyond the feelings I feel in this moment. It’s looking at the sky and realizing that there are planets and stars millions of times larger than us. We are simply a speck on a cog in a teeny section of a much bigger machine. It’s the realization that the petty problems we overthink truly don’t matter.

Positivity has always been second nature to me. I’d be the person to challenge all your negative jargon with a brighter side. “My wallet got stolen” “Well, you’ll probably save some money because you can’t use anything now”. “I lost my phone” “Well, now you’ll be forced to live in the moment”. “I’m sick” “Well, at least you can relax at home”. It’s always about perspective. The things that we go through can mature us and give us more understanding. You are who you are because of what you’ve been through. You can gain empathy, compassion, mindfulness and gratitude because of your traumas.

Flash forward a few years, solidifying this mentality of altruism, empathy and thirst for knowledge, I always felt like there was so much more to it. So much more to life than overthinking about the same bullshit or just being a pawn in the game of life. There was more that I was destined for. So, I carried on with life.. until one day, I came across Leo.

If you’re tired of sitting around with yourself, overthinking about everything you’ve ever said to your friends and family, tired of stressing out about work, school and money, tired of growing more addicted to your phone and computer because it helps you escape your own thoughts, tired of living in fear of rejection and tired of living with discontentment about your life. Take a moment to watch this.

This video changed my fokin life.

A part of me always felt this way. So, to have someone finally put it into words, my mind was fucked. Leo blew me out of the water. Self-actualization. The tip top of the hierarchy of needs. The pure truth of what it means to be human. The realization that beyond establishing all of our basic needs, we have a higher purpose. We, in ourselves, are all we ever really need. There is contentment beyond the bullshit we’ve been fed our entire lives. Everything outside of ourselves isn’t an attribution to our overall happiness. You are, dude.¬†You are to yourself. It’s fucking possible today. It’s fucking possible right now. That’s why I find it difficult watching others getting carried away with trying to look or feel a certain way, comparing ourselves to other people, wasting away hours of life to become richer, attempting to look a certain way to obtain love and approval and turning on each other to feel accepted. Life is so much more than your hourly wage. It’s so much more than that new toy you’re saving up for or your parent’s approval. Once you begin to live life acknowledging all of this and working towards truly loving the process of being you, you can live a full life and be content with dying tomorrow.

There really is no destination to life. The entire ride is the journey.

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