you don’t need to improve anything about yourself to be a good and worthwhile human bean

*A guide to understanding that no matter how negatively you think or feel, you are innately a good and worthwhile human bean. 

This is part two.


“Who would you be without the thought that you should impress?” – Bryon Katie

Everybody has a true and perfect natural state. Everything comes from a place of purity and good intent.

  • Attention seeking = Natural creativity and artistry.
  • Addiction = Natural longing for happiness and harmony
  • Helpaholism = Altruism
  • Abrasiveness = Honesty
  • Stubbornness = Integrity
  • Toughness = Strength
  • Arrogance = Intelligence

the circle ya

Arrogance, when no longer rejected but embraced with your non-judgmental awareness (more on this, in another post, later), will gradually blossom as pure intelligence or clarity.

“When you’ve inflicted or evoked pain in others, was it really your intention to hurt that other person? Causing someone pain is out of powerlessness or anger, out of fear or stupidity, out of ignorance or even with good intentions.”

“Someone who is in contact with their natural state (full of their own love and approval), free of (self-)rejection will never feel powerless or a victim of other people’s behaviour.”

It’s our natural inclination to want to expand, to develop towards more knowledge, more insight, more love and more realization. Yet, many people diverge from their spiritual path, and instead strive for more approval, more possessions, more pleasure, more status and growth in any form. 

“You could search the whole world and not find anyone more worthy of your love than yourself.” – Buddha

“When two people fall in love, the impression arises that all your problems have been solved, that all your depressions and negative feelings have suddenly disappeared and that you’re completely free of your negative belief and self-rejection. Which in fact, only temporarily makes you lose your ego construction. These very brief happy in-love moments actually bring us into contact with our natural state, which is pure, clear and full of unconditional love, connectedness and altruism. You begin to connect this connection to your natural state to the person, believing them to be so pure and clear and full of unconditional love, and here lies the source of all misery that at later stages ensues from ‘falling in love’.

You become dependent on this person for triggering your natural state.

Like the beggar that sits on a chest of gold, we live in ignorance of our perfect nature, constantly escaping or covering the frustration that this creates. There is a spiritual path, in which relationships are a way back to our deepest nature. Not acknowledging our perfect state of being causes us to dislike our supposed imperfect nature, or negative belief. This gives rise to attachment of others love and approval, as a means to cover that imperfect nature. The realization of your perfect natural state will result in unconditional and supreme happiness. There is a kind, non-judgmental observer that’s conscious of its own all-encompassing abundant warmth and clarity that needs nothing and gives effortlessly and allows everyone to share its abundance within you. A mind that knows its own perfect nature can never get addicted again. All love relationships are actually a form of addiction to the way your negative belief is covered by your partners love and approval.”

As much as you can think and feel negatively, you are never truly linked to these thoughts or feelings. They may pervade your mind, but your truth is actually of good intent. Understand that you aren’t deliberately a shitty person. You just have thoughts that are shitty in the moment.


*Based on the works of Jan Geurtz. Everything in quotes is taken directly from the book.

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