your social media goals are only as shallow as you

I sift through every form of social media hoping to garner some inspiration.

Posting at certain hours, keeping in mind the highest levels of traffic. Gathering approval from friends for the perfect caption. Going through great lengths to get the perfect shot.

A friend of mine actually chose to delete Instagram off her phone because she would feel terrible about herself every time she opened the app.

What you see on social media isn’t always the complete truth. Your profile shouldn’t determine your current standing with friends, with family or practical strangers. Live through this long enough and you’ll soon realize, there’s no fulfillment there. You may come up with some cool shots but you’re swimming in the deep end trying to make yourself seem perfect. Really, it’s not about doing cool shit for photos. Do cool shit for you. Then, take cool photos of the cool shit you do. It really won’t matter in a while (you’re gonna die eventually).

This concept has always been left in the dark for me. Don’t care, don’t give a fuck. It’s easier said than done, oh heck ya. But living a life in constant dedication towards a public opinion is the most shallow pursuit of happiness. It’s a hunger that will never fully be pleased. You’re being told what beautiful is and some people are actually buying it. I feel for the people that live for admiration. For the people that primp and prime everything about themselves for recognition. Don’t seek that love online. Live for yourself. Make your future self proud.

In 30 years, will you care more about how pretty your feed looks?  Or about the memories behind each photo.. and you know, real life human connections?

I choose the latter.

Life is too short to worry about such mundane things. Please yourself before anyone else.

what do you think?