you’re hot, you don’t need an anal bleaching

Ever since I was a wee child, I had this small distinctive brown splotch on my right ankle. I always bore it proudly to fellow classmates as we shared this feature that made us all wonderful little snow

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-12-31-39-amflakes. And, as the years passed, I never took a second to look at it. It was insignificant to me. But now.. looking at that little spotchy stain.. is akin to having a second tattoo.

I’ve heard that a birth mark is a sign of where you died in your past life. If this is the case, I think that’s pretty lame as heck that I died by ankle, word to Achilles.

The coolest part of remembering my birth mark and looking at it thoroughly after a few years, is noticing that it had changed places. The first time I showed it off to my little school friends, it rested in the nook of my heel and ankle. Now, as shown in the photo, it rests high above my ankle bone. Your body is constantly changing. Your nose and ears are always growing. Your eyes stay the same size from birth but the ends of your hair were once at the top. You will never stay the same. The cells on your body are dying and regenerating as we speak. It’s a natural and very necessary part of life.

Laser hair removal. Bleached blonde hair. Jaw bone shaving. Anal bleaching. People have come up with incredible methods to achieve ‘beauty’. By all means, self expression is a beautiful thing. But there needs to be a point of understanding that it’s more than okay to be who you are and look the way you do. So many pretty people are out there, yeah that’s cool, but that doesn’t make you any less of a marvel to look at. I’m sure you can vouch for having been stabbed in the self esteem organ every once in a while. But the second we start to compare ourselves, we lose sight of who we really are.

Your body is an incredible thing. Every scar is a story to tell. Every stretch mark a display of your growth. It’s amazing how much the human body can endure. You are forever changing. It takes 7 years, in fact, for your body to completely renew every cell and hair. Even your personality changes. This is why it’s so important to appreciate everything we are capable of. All of your working senses. All of your able body parts. Your health and your consciousness. Your ability to listen to music or binge watch GoT or something. Your hands. Being able to wipe your own ass. Especially not being sick right now and breathing through your nose. Things could be worst.

There are hundreds upon thousands of people who would do anything to be you and have what you have (like the boy with the butterfly skin or the girl who’s ALWAYS SUNBURNT). Don’t take that for granted. You are you and that’s fucking phenomenal.

what do you think?